About Us

Helios Defense Solutions is is a small business that was established from our deep roots in the SOF and Intelligence communities with a mission to support our great military. It is consistently sought after due to its reputation and skills sets.

We have leveraged our operational experiences in all aspects of the GEOINT, SIGINT, EW, MASINT, CYBER and HUMINT tradecraft. We range of experience ranges from all aspects of the ISR platforms. We are the perfect complement to conducting IV&Vs, T&E and OA s for the customers and provide uncanny results. This is what makes us unique and a continued choice for our customers. We provide a blend of operational and engineering expertise to problem solve with keeping the warfighter in the forefront.

Helios training experience range from an academic to a hands on approach through the development of an Assessment and Selection (A&S) course, developed Operator Training Courses (OTC),  revised numerous Program Of Instructions (POI), evaluations and exercises ranging from simple classroom to complex role-playing exercises. Helios’s trainers also understand the adult learner and they provide mentorship and guidance throughout the program. 

We also have outstanding engineers that are the best at their craft.  Ranging from Network, RF, Software and Security and have developed components, software, tested as well as led the ATO process for unique start of the art platforms used by organizations in the U.S. Military today.